The Gyropedia

The Gyropedia is an online database that is designed to support the teaching done by your Gyroplane Flying Instructor at the airfield with self-learning and consolidation that you do in your own time.

One thing that every student pilot tells us is The airfield is a great place to learn and practice the flying skills, but to really understand something takes time and a good environment for studying. This is where self study, at your own pace, can be really effective.

Some people like to read physical books, some people prefer to read material electronically, some people prefer to watch training videos. IAPGT members can do all of these things.

Electronic Training Material

Our members have access to a complete online suite of training material that is consistent with the books that are used throughout the world and the teaching done by instructors who use the International Standard Training Methodology. All the essential knowledge that a person requires to fly a Gyroplane safely is included.

This includes text and graphics which cover all the flying exercises as well as all the theory elements. Premium members, or members who attend one of our Instructor training courses also have access to the complete Instructor Training material.

The content of the training material is easy to understand text and diagrams supplemented with animated computer graphics, simulator models and video presentation courses.

When you register on this website, you will get a preview of the electronic training material that is available.