I am a Gyroplane pilot, why should I join?

You have a Gyroplane licence, you know how to fly, so why should you join the Association?

Do you consider yourself an experienced pilot or a relatively new pilot?

If you are an experienced pilot

  • Hopefully you have already aquired most of the knowledge that the Association has to offer, especially if you had a great instructor. But you also know that you can never know it all - you recognise that you never stop learning - flying is indeed a `lifetime of learning`.
  • Things change, especially when you are part of a community that is relatively infant. How do you know that you are taking advantage of the latest standards and best practice? Much of this best practice has come from the ongoing review of the unfortunate experiences of other pilots. Indeed, we are all learning, all the time.
  • If you are an experienced pilot then we appreciate that there may be some aspect of your knowledge that the Association does not have. You will know things that, if passed on to others may just help them to get out of trouble one day.

Participation by experienced pilots is a key part of the continual improvement of Gyroplane flying safety.

If you consider yourself a relatively inexperienced pilot.

  • If you don't get to fly as regularly as you would like (let's face it, we would all like a chance to fly more) then the tools of the Association could be vital for you. The online tools are there to help to keep you thinking like an experienced Gyroplane pilot.
  • Whenever you go flying, there are a lot of things you need to think about - wouldn't it be great if you had a step by step reminder guide?
  • After getting their licence, many pilots will lose their `purpose` of flying. It is so easy to stay in the local area and just fly your friends around and yet there is so much more you can do. The Association helps you continually improve your skills and often provides that necessary `purpose`
  • The simple matter is, if you are an inexperienced pilot, the knowledge that you can gain from the Association is massive; it may prevent what could be a very expensive mistake.