What do we do?

We are an organisation dedicated to continually raising the standard of Gyroplane flying and Gyroplane flight safety worldwide.

Our members are from the worldwide Gyroplane community. Many are very experienced pilots and instructors. However, the majority are less experienced qualified pilots, students pilots, instructors and enthusiasts who have a passion for Gyroplanes and a thirst for knowledge. Everyone wants to fly safely, learn more and avoid incidents.

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How are we doing it?

We build a way to communicate

We have a network of Gyroplane Instructors and Gyroplane Pilots/Student Pilots from around the world. We use Internet technology to communicate with our members easily.

After you have registered, you can choose to become either a full member or a premium member.

We define an International Standard for Gyroplane Training

We have defined a method of describing a safe standard for flying a Gyroplane. We call this 'The Anatomy of a Gyroplane Flighttm'.

The Anatomy contains all the main situations that a pilot encounters during the entire lifetime of a flight: From thinking about a fight, taxiing out, taking off, flying around, landing, and putting the Gyroplane into the hangar after the flight.

For each situation, we have defined a set of criteria that is considered "best practice". This knowledge is updated from our Instructors and experienced pilots as new situations are encountered and new Gyroplane models are released.

We have created a set of consistent training material

Good consistent flying starts with good consistent training material. We have developed a full suite of training material that includes:

  • A handbook for pilots for all the flying exercises
  • A series of training workbooks for all the theoretical subjects
  • A handbook for instructors, which explains how to teach the subjects
  • A set of 'lesson plans' which provide summaries of all the key information
  • A set of training aids which are used by instructors on magnetic whiteboards
  • A set of animated computer graphics to simplify the learning
This training material is available in a number of languages. More languages, training aids and computer graphics are being developed all the time.

In addition to the standard training material there is a wide range of books on the subject of Gyroplanes. We have listed them on this website and they are available to buy online. Although these books are not part of the International Standard Set, they contain a wealth of useful information.

We have an encyclopaedia of Gyroplane knowledge.

We have a lot of knowledge about Gyroplanes. We keep it in an online database called The GyropediaTM.

The information in the Gyropedia is consistent with the printed training material. Being electronic, when a change to "Best Practice" is required, amendments are available immediately to our members.

Electronic information also has the advantage that it can be animated and supplemented with videos. This makes it even easier to understand many of the concepts that are part of learning to fly a Gyroplane.

You will always learn to fly with an instructor. However, time can be limited when you are at the airfield and you want to spend the majority of that time flying. Many people find that supplementing what they are taught by their instructor with online training courses makes it quicker and cheaper to learn to fly safely.

We are teaching pilots how to keep their knowledge and their skills updated.

When you obtain your pilot`s licence, the instructor and examiner know that you have the minimum skills required for safe flying.


We know from experience that unless you fly regularly and keep thinking about your flying, your skill level will deteriorate.

We have developed a methodology to help limit the normal degradation of flying skills. We call this the Association's Lifetime of Learning Pilot Training and Assessment ProgramTM

This program, which uses the online tools described below, together with regular updates of knowledge, will help to keep you safer when you are flying.

We licence training courses

The Association is NOT a flying school. The Association defines training courses that are licenced by flying schools or instructors* to deliver.

The training courses are for student pilots, qualified pilots, trainee instructors and qualified instructors and include:

  • Structured classes to teach the theoretical subjects,
  • Standardised ways to teach the flight briefings
  • Internationally accepted Instructor courses
  • Pilot safety and refresher courses
  • Advanced flying courses

*All our licenced instructors are members of the Association and practice the methodologies of the Association. They also have an instructors certificate issued by the regulator in the country in which they train.

We have created online tools

We have created technology to make your training easier. Using Smartphones, Tablets and Internet Connected Computers we make it easy to:

  • Record your training progress
  • Participate in the Lifetime of Learning program
  • Keep essential reminders to ensure you are flying legally
  • Access critical checklists and planning tools
  • Access online training via the Gyropedia

Using a Smartphone, with our handy integrated "book out/book in" routine, we make it really easy to keep track of your flying times and automatically update your pilot`s logbook.

We develop a culture of sharing

Inevitably, incidents will continue to happen. When they do it is important that others can learn from any pilot misjudgements that have been made.

We work with manufacturers, regulators and instructors to analyse incidents that have happened and try and formulate training material and methods to give people more information to help them fly safer. Using the network that we have created, we can deliver that information to pilots and instructors around the world.

How do we fund the Association?

We fund the Association via membership subscriptions and revenue from selling training material, online training and licensing our training courses.

We also appreciate donations and sponsorship.

Our policies

Membership of this organisation is open to anyone who has an interest in flying Gyroplanes. Experienced pilots, inexperienced pilots, student pilots and future pilots. We encourage pilots of kit built and factory built models of Gyroplane alike. We are not bound by any individual manufacturer or country. We are all enthusiasts with a common interest - and a Gyroplane does not know, or care, in which country it is flying!.