I am a Gyroplane Instructor, tell me more!

You're a great instructor, Right? Why would you need to be a member of this Association?

  • You're obviously passionate about Gyroplane flying. Networking with other instructors, especially in other countries is a great way to fuel that passion. We bet you know things, and have great ideas for how training should be, that other instructors would benefit from learning.
  • You maybe thirst for knowledge, as an instructor you are probably learning something new about Gyroplanes every time you fly (it's amazing what you can learn from your students).
  • You probably recognise that there is a lack of standardisation in the community; after all, the Gyroplane community is relatively young compared to the more traditional forms of flying training. We bet you have some good thoughts on what standardisation should look like.

Wouldn't you enjoy spending time with other instructors, face to face, discussing ways to deliver ideas to students and sharing your experiences (and frustrations). The Association could make this happen (and may make this happen) but the logistics of time and travel are likely to be expensive. We can however, do it online, and that is one of the key benefits of becoming a full member.

This is what the Association is about. The standardisation of training and delivering `best practice` knowledge around the world. You know that when a student gets his licence, his real learning is only just beginning. Nobody knows it all, and things change all the time.

But it is a lot more than that..

Every instructor needs:
  • Some way of knowing the progress of their students,
  • A way to comply with their legal administration and obligations,
  • Presentation tools to help explain things quickly and easily.

You will have a way of doing all these things just now, but with new technology available, it could be made much easier.

The tools of the Association deliver all these things, really easily, and without a lot of `data entry`. The tools are designed specifically to run on smartphones and tablets, you can often fill in your notes whilst debriefing in the aircraft or the classroom.

But what about your students...

All instructors know that just because you have taught someone something, it does not necessarily mean that they have learned it, or remembered it

What the Association provides to your students is:

  • A mechanism to learn the theory, and repeat the briefings at a time that suits them, when their brain is in a mode when it wants to learn,
  • An easy way to see their own progress and prepare for their next lesson.

Using the Associations tools to make your life simpler also means that you can see clearly what your student has been studying (& the outcome of any tests they've taken) and what they still need to learn.

.... and you can get to customise the information that your students see so you know they are learning what you are teaching them.