I am a Gyroplane Manufacturer, tell me more!

You're a Gyroplane Manufacturer - so why should you support the Association?
  • As a Manufacturer it is in your interests to have people taught to fly to the highest standards in every country around the world
  • Encouraging Instructors and Pilots around the world to share their knowledge and learn lessons from one another's mistakes, the Association aims to define and then continually redefine and enhance best practice in Gyroplane flying
  • With more consistent teaching, using best practice knowledge, you as the Manufacturer will have confidence that the owners and Instructors of the Gyroplanes that you produce are able to get all the knowledge that they need to fly safely
  • Raising the standard of teaching will result in fewer incidents. In turn, as the safety record improves, confidence in the industry will increase and more machines will be sold
  • As a Manufacturer you will also be looking to introduce machines into new markets; however, developing standards in new markets is not straightforward. The Association provides a framework to define the training syllabus in each new market, along with an international standard to which new instructors are taught
  • So how can you help?
  • You can provide us with graphics for each of your machines so that a member can select any model of gyro in the training material
  • You can sponsor individual videos or collections of videos and promote your machines at the same time
  • You can share lessons learned from incidents and from your pilot/Instructor community around the world