I am a regulator of Gyroplane flying activity, tell me more

You're a Regulator of Gyroplane flying activity - so why should you join the Association?
  • You have confidence that "best practice" information is available to the pilots who are under your guidance.
  • You have to do less work to regulate the community because the community is actively working together to improve its standards, and subsequently safety, all the time.
  • The Association makes it is mission to ensure that everything it is offering complies with the regulation in each country and it is clear when different countries require different rules. Participation by the regulators directly increases the likelihood of Pilots who are flying in your country, whether they are native to your country or visiting pilots, obeying your rules and following your standards. The Association does not make the rules, it simply helps to ensure that your rules are known and followed appropriately.

Specifically the Association provides:

  • Structured training material for students, cross referenced to the training syllabus in your country.
  • A method for your instructors to easily show compliance to the training requirements in your country.
  • A structured instructor training course, completely documented and proven to provide consistency of training throughout the worldwide community.
Without question, the Association has an ambition to standardise Gyroplane student training and Gyroplane instructor training throughout the world, to a standard which exceeds the current requirements of each country.