I am training to be a pilot, or thinking about training, tell me more

Using the Gyropedia during your initial pilot training means that you will:

  • Have access to your flying training records if your instructor is teaching using the Gyropedia. Create your own pilots logbook and notes, even if your instructor is not using the Gyropedia.
  • Know your progress, and see for yourself what you have still to learn, using the graphical progress summary.
  • Participate in the Gyroplane Student Pilot Online Training program - Self briefing what is coming next. This means you will get more out of your next lesson with your instructor.
  • Have access to questions banks to be able to test your knowledge

As you near completion of your training you will

  • Document decisions that will help keep you safe when you are flying on your own.
  • Create your own personal plan for developing your flying skills when you have obtained your licence.

Training with instructors who document your training using the Standard Lesson Structure within the Gyropedia:

Ensures that you don't miss out on the latest teaching practice which includes:

  • techniques to develop muscle memory and correct instinctive actions
  • techniques introduced recently to prevent the most common incidents and accidents that occur in gyroplanes
  • give you less workload when flying, so that you have more time to enjoy the terrific view that you get from a gyroplane

Full cross reference to National Syllabus. This means:

  • Simplified administration when you apply for your pilot licence in the country in which you did your training

  • Automatically providing the training information in the format for the regulator in other countries in which you may want to fly
  • Actively providing data to help reach a critical mass, when talking with regulators about participating in the One World-One Standard-One `Gyroplane Pilot Licence Worldwide` program
  • Full Pilot Membership costs less than one hour of Gyroplane training in a school aircraft (based on the average cost of gyroplane training around the world).

    Click here to register on this website for initial free access. When you have registered you can choose to upgrade to Pilot Full Membership. This will give you ongoing access to all the web tools, the online training program and you will be supporting the one-world, one-standard, one gyroplane pilot licence project.