I would like to be a Gyroplane Instructor, tell me more

Learning to be an Instructor is often not as straight forward as you would imagine. Until recently, few countries have offered structured training courses to enable you to become an instructor.

The Association will provide you with a structured framework to ensure that you:

  • Learn what knowledge you need to impart to your students
  • Have templates for briefings and techniques for delivery of briefings
  • Know that you have taught your students all they need to know
  • Know that you have taught your students the correct information
  • Learn to become an instructor more quickly and easily
  • Have confidence that you are going to do a good job

The Association's Instructor training and assessment program is a structured way to learn. The Association provides all the training material required, which you can subscribe to at any time.

The training material is designed to work with the training syllabus appropriate for your country. Please register on this site and then contact us for details of how to start your training to become an Instructor.